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Take a stroll down any block in almost any urban community across the country and you’ll be blinded by evidence of violence and its residual effects. Flowers, candles and pictures of loved ones gently placed on the ground where they took a last breath, police cruisers gliding by high schools on high alert and human cages filled to capacity in all the local jails.

Violence and its aftermath is something we deal with daily and the struggle to get our young ones to understand that that’s real blood on the concrete. Those are real caskets and that gun which has somehow become the “go to” for even the slightest disagreement, is not our inheritance. The kids are afraid and angry and every time they bury a friend, they are that much more affected by trauma and dissociation.

Sometimes the memories of violence can be bigger than the action itself, says Leslie Haskin.

Life Stations Centers of Excellence, Inc. has partnered with top trauma experts in our service areas to form Bethel. The goal of the partnership is to help those who have been affected by violence start on the road to a renewed mind. Our individualized care plans and the highest level of quality of trauma, addiction, and mood disorders treatment is the driving force behind the care we offer children and young adults.

If you or someone you love has been affected by violence and you would like to speak with one of our therapists, please click the link below and get the ball rolling.
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The Christian Recovery Program helps individuals heal from life's "hurts, habits, and hang-ups" (including, but not limited to, typical substance abuse issues and enabler) with Jesus Christ as our loving God, using the Celebrate Recovery curriculum.  The main recovery reference is the Bible and the focus of this recovery program is for each individual to work through the 8 Biblical Recovery Principles toward a truer self image, an improved self discipline and denouncing lie awareness
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