Our world is on the cusp of the greatest era of transformation that humanity has ever experienced - fueled by the numerous murders of black men that advancing technologies have forced into the limelight; making new demands to transform government, business, education and police models and breaking down barriers to equal treatment under the law.

The way the world responds to black men will change, either because we proactively define our future, or because it has been shaped and defined for us by the external influencers that are now at work all around us. Somehow waiting to see what happens is not at all a viable choice for me or the millions of black men that I represent. 

Now is the time to build new strategies, embrace possibility, fund transformation initiatives and give black men a true quality of life and involvement. When history looks back on these days and at the collective deaths of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Alton Sterling and others in a growing list of lost potential; it must be taught as the turning point. It must be said that the opportunity presented itself for society to evolve beyond color, and we took it!

Leslie Haskin

The Founder's Message
"When I think about the legacy I want to leave behind, I think about the contributions of the great women whose personal struggles inspire me. Women who became strong leaders and rose to the challenges of life by putting their hands to the work that God purposed for them." 

Leslie Haskin
Racism is what America is talking about right now.  And much of the nation is in agreement that there exists for black men, a struggle against overt cruelty and excessive brutality that is beyond comprehensible. Many are outraged at the indecent social treatment that keeps jumping up in the news. But as we all sit mesmerized by these unopposed oppressive forces of police brutality against black men and our governments unwillingness to punish it, we are at the same time missing the big picture of the cancers of second-rate living in urban communities across America where people continue to suffer from hunger and poverty, and unemployment, and moral corruption, and drug addictions and abuse and a continual parade of black men being carted off to jail like cattle.

While these challenges are formidable, there has never been more opportunity for change!
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