Domestic Abuse Programs

The domestic abuse program, called Safe HUGS, has a Christ centered focus that helps the victims to see themselves as Christ sees them; full, whole, loved, valued and contributory. Services are diverse and range from shelters to counseling. Weekly  survivors meetings leverage many of the same process used in the Celebrate Recovery Program.  Our goal is to support the path of all survivors as they work to be self-sufficient and free from violence.

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The SAFE Passage program serves homeless (on the street, in a homeless shelter, or fleeing domestic violence) that are young adults (ages 18 through 24) who are currently experiencing homelessness. Qualifying young adults will receive rental assistance and supportive services. Persons must register at a homeless shelter for proof of homelessness.

Program participants are offered case management services and assistance to build job skills, and to obtain  a GED, diploma or other education and training. Through case management, participants will be introduced to other supportive community services and will be assisted in developing individualized goals that addresses their own needs. Case managers will work with participants to monitor progress and develop additional plans and goals. Once participants obtain employment they can rent an apartment and rent will be based off of income. Participants have the option of staying in the apartment if they desire for up to 3 years.

While our focus is on decreasing the incidents of domestic violence, helping the abuser turn over a new life is key. By helping the abusers develop the skills they need to correct violent behavior,  one of the primary contributors to repeat offenders. The program consists of one on one counseling and workshops and is networked with other service agencies and resources in the area.
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The Recreation Center

Our personalized approach takes wellness to a whole new level. We feel strongly that health is not just the absence of disease but optimized mental, spiritual, physical balance.

Our Programs in the Fitness Center includes several areas of athletics, gyms, pools and eating plans designed to meet the diverse physical and exercise needs of those who want to stay active, enjoy community sports and activites without the exorbitant  fees.    
The Fitness Center will include:
* Social Club Room
* Skating Rink
* Swimming Pools
* Yoga Studio
* Dance Studio
* Weight Studio
* Tennis Court
* Basketball Court
Tharicia McZorn
Senior Manager
Safe HUGS & Recovery Services
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Your Help Changes Lives
Welcome to the Health & Wellness Center
Mera was attacked by her ex boyfriend who beat and burned her in the face. boyfriend many years ago during a domestic dispute. She was in hospital for weeks and in rehabilitation for almost a year.

Sharing her photos, she said she hated him and her life for almost 3 years. After recieveing services and counseling, she has been able to forgive and move on.

(Shared with permission)

Our Safe HUGS (Homes United in Grace and Spirit is a bold prgram which treat the victim and the victimizer. Our goal is to effect change from both perspectives with counseling, safe homes and a year of what we call "a second chance.

The costs of this program is only $4,500 per month.

Your monthly pedge brings saves lives.
The Impact of Your Giving to The Safe HUGS Program
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