The programs in the Spiritual Center are foundational to all other programs. The goal is for the "shalom" of the entire man. The church without walls, the Abrahamic bible studies and celebrate recovery addiction programs are dedicated to helping individuals discover the inner power and achieve an authentic relationship with Christ.  We know that God has called us to go in Christian compassion and love to alleviate spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental suffering around the world. In that, we spread the kingdom message to families or individuals who have needs that are temporarily greater than their resources.  By having a presence in the community, it is our hope that we’ll continue to have the opportunity to share Christ with those who are hurting and feeling hopeless.
The Abrahamic Program is a fellowship of Jewish and Christians teaching the history of the Judeao-Christian Faith. The focus in on the Hebrew language translation of the bible for a better understanding of Christian history, Jewish sacrifices and celebration and how ancient traditions connect to Christianity today. The Program stays new by every year acknowledging and celebrating Jewish holidays.

Our program aims
(a) to empower participants to heighten their self-awareness, paying particular attention to their political selves;
(b) to develop their critical thinking; and
(c) to examine how such thinking manifests itself in in our traditions and history.

The Lectures Program focus on everyday life and address issues that impact the life experiences of everyday life from theological, ethical, moral, humanitarian, philosophical and religious perspectives.
The lecture series is an opportunity for the community to deepen their understanding of other cultures, religions and traditional response; promoting interactions and conversations to help participants to grow within their own faith, to grow in knowledge about other faiths, and to promote harmony among all faiths.

Our purpose is to promote understanding and respect of diverse spiritual beliefs by means of communication, dialogue, education and advocacy, both locally and on a nationally level. The goal is love and acceptance
Our 24/7 prayer room is inspired by David’s tabernacle (1 Chr. 23:5; 25:7), where 288 singers and 4,000 musicians were employed as their full-time job to minister to the Lord and serve the community. The prayer team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take calls.

Please enter the prayer room here: International House of Prayer
The Bible Study Program encourages regular reading and expository study of the Old Testament (OT) and New Testament (NT), as well as historical events surrounding biblical times and prophesies; providing a better understanding of God and enabling residents to better mirror the life of Jesus Christ.
This program brings in various biblical scholars and pastors to teach different topics and books of the bible. 
The FORGE for Families is to enrich the spiritual, educational, vocational, and leadership development of inner city families through Christ-centered mentoring, bringing transforming growth to the community. Leaders of this program themselves are transformed as at risk youth, single parents, and underprivileged individuals who seized new opportunities to realize their full potential in a supportive, highly relational environment.
We are a loving and diverse spiritual community dedicated to personal growth, healing, and service.
Welcome to the Spiritual Center
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