Programs in The Cultural Center are aimed at keeping black men out of jail and out of the grave. Tackling gang violence and mediation, crime prevention, education, mentoring, self esteem, abuse and arts and media. Our focus is on the cultural disparities that black men face and the community transformation that black men need.
FLO'S PLACE is a safe and positive place for young adults and teenagers to spend time after school and during the summer to hang out with friends, enjoy a meal, participate in sports leagues, get help with their homework, learn computer skills, art skills and much more. 

All programs are based on a youth development strategy that builds self-confidence and self-esteem, and fosters a sense a belonging, competence, usefulness and influence.

This year we’re pushing forward with a plan that opens a fully functioning Flo's Place so that the homeless in our communities can enjoy the basics that we take for granted... a safe, warm bed, a hot meal, a smile and human touch. We'll home families, displaced young adults and teenagers who have timed out of foster care.

Our costs for this program is only $3500 per month!

Won't you become a monthly sponsor for Flo's Place... and give a someone the gift of a place to call home!
There is no denying the gap between generations. With weekly meetings between the younger and older generations of black men; father to son, and uncle and brother, this program seeks to establish a mutual respect between parties by discussing and resolving abandonment issues that many young black men have today. As well as exploring the ways in which young black men (ages fifteen to twenty) discuss their fathers, manhood, racism, violence, and rage with love, compassion, and care in a community support group. This approach, called radical healing, can help build self esteem in young men.
The Youth Empowerment Program is an independent Living Skills program and is available for young adults age 18 through 23 in need of assistance in acquiring independence from their parent or caregiver’s home. Education and support are provided in areas such as employment, money management and budgeting, food preparation and storage, landlord/tenant relations, legal skills, parenting and family responsibility, community resources and general household management.

All clients are required to complete the a Life Skills training which include:
Daily Living, Self-Care, Relationships and Communication, Housing & Money Management, Work Life and Future Planning

After gaining employment and completion of the program, these young adults may be eligible for fiscal support of up to $600.00 payable to a landlord, and/or for donated household items in order to set their lives in motion to achieve independence.
The emPower Mentoring Program (EMP)
establishes sustainable relationships with successful men in the community with young adult men, teenagers and adolescents who are at risk for academic failure, social ostracism, severe disciplinary action, truancy, gang relationships, and incarceration.

Working in collaboration with local churches and partner organizations, the program establishes group meetings and activities to help participants develop social skills, teach problem solving and thinking skills that will help them cope adaptively with expectations and solve problems.

Mentors facilitate more integrated connection with the community, and help foster a climate of wellness in groups. There are no specifics in regards to gender, ethnicity, economic status, or family situation. The mentee must be enrolled in one of the schools served by the program.

Outcomes of the empower Program improve academic and life goals achievement for mentees;  including improving the mental condition, establishing healthy family relationships and connecting with local churches for spiritual support and growth.
Rubber Trax
We partner with the Converse Rubber Tracks Studios to encourage young adults to turn their dreams into goals and acts as a catalyst for originality by giving new and emerging bands the opportunity to record their songs in a high-quality studio setting. Musicians of all genres are able to reserve time to use the studio - for free. 

Rubber Tracks also gives bands the means to expose their music to a much larger audience through content captured while recording, including songs and behind-the-scenes video.
The Artist's Studio presents contemporary visual arts and design exhibitions; dance, theater, and music performances; and film screenings. The studio hosts lectures, classes, and events for visitors of all ages with local artists and many of today's leading figures from the worlds of art and culture.
Film / Television
Presenting a full-range of moving-image art forms, the Artist's Studio's film and video programs feature both contemporary and historical works.  With local movie makers attending annually, Life Stations Film festival gets the attention of industry professionals in hopes of securing an internship, jobs opportunities and even national showings and industry recognition.
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